WASService command

Today one of colleague was trying to add a jvm to Windows Service.
This is the syntax for the command -
WASService.exe -add service_name
-serverName server_name
-profilePath server_profile_directory
[-configRoot configuration_repository_directory]
[-startArgs additional_start_arguments]
[-stopArgs additional_stop_arguments]
[-userid user_id -password password]
[-logFile service_log_file]
[-logRoot server_log_directory]
[-restart true | false]
[-startType automatic | manual | disabled]

This guy is fighting with some set of parameters. He is executing, command runs, he goes to the services, he finds that specific jvm in the services, but when he starts it, it simply says *started*, upon right clicking on the service, he sees only start option, remaining faded out.

So, whats the problem?
Go through the command options properly -
He was trying to add jvm to win services like this -
WASService.exe add blabla -logFile path/to/a/location/server.log -logRoot path/to/a/location/

yata yata yata

The problem is - one should pass SERVER LOG FILE as logFile and SERVER_LOG_LOCATION not to another location.
The WASService command looks for a file named server_name .pid to determine if the server is running.

So, if you want to add a jvm, by name server1 to Win services, you need to pass server1 log location.

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