Installation Issues

Mr.X installed WAS like this on Win 08 server-

Started to launcher.
Selected WAS installer.
The installer had successfully passed OS verification.
Then selected Cell Topology. WAS 6.1 and above gives you an option to install a Cell. Meaning, installer installs Dmgr, installs an appserver, and federates that to dmgr.
Now, with all the needed inputs, the installer started to install binaries, installed successfully dmgr, appserver and even successfully federated everything.

Now, as this guy didnt configured security at the time of installation, wants to do it in the post installation.

He did like this -
After immediately installing, he ran the ivt (installation verification test).
Then went to admin console, kicked in security setup process.


The error what he got was - after configuring security, he wanted to bounce the services, bounce dmgr, bounce node agent, bounce server.
server was failing to start.
dmgr cannot recognize server.

What to do?ADMR0111E is one of the errors.


Anonymous said...

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pique said...


I think that the problem here is that you have not sync the application server node to get the security config

భాస్కర్ రామరాజు said...

awesome!! you got it.
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