Migration Notes #2

The migration tools are used as part of a four-step migration process:
1. Run WASPreUpgrade on the existing WebSphere Application Server configuration.
2. Uninstall the existing version of WebSphere Application Server.
3. Install the new version of WebSphere Application Server.
4. Run WASPostUpgrade on the new version.
In the second step, it is recommended that rather than uninstalling the existing version, it be made dormant. By keeping the existing software installed on the machine, it will be much easier to back out of the migration should unexpected problems arise.

The fully automated migration includes the following steps:
1. Migrate the existing Version 5.x deployment manager to Version 6.0 using the migration
2. Migrate the HTTP servers and HTTP server plug-ins on all Web tier nodes.
3. Individually migrate the application server nodes using the migration tools.

The WASPreUpgrade and WASPostUpgrade tools effectively move the existing configuration into WebSphere Application Server Version 6.0.

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