How can we configure Remote Plugin?

This is the procedure
Machine A: WAS
Machine B: IHS
Thumb Rule: Install Plugins on IHS Machine and propagrate them to WAS.
Machine A : Install WAS.
Machine B: Install IHS
Machine B : Install Plugins: In the installation process, you have to select remote WAS, and name for ur webserverconfig, say webserver1. After installation, in the IHS_INST/conf/httpd.conf check for IBM Module entry and Plugin installation paths
Goto the plugin installation path/bin
Check for configurewebserver1.sh/bat
Copy that file, configurewebserver1.sh/bat to WAS box, that is Machine A. The file contains this info.
./wsadmin.sh -f configureWebserverDefinition.jacl webserver1 IHS '/software/IBM/IHS' '
/software/IBM/IHS/conf/httpd.conf' 7700 MAP_ALL '/software/IBM/Plugins' unmanage
d webserver1 hostname solaris
(This is an example, 7700 is port number.)
If you already have enabled global security on WAS, you need to add -username adminusername and -password hispassword at the end of the above script.

Then run the script.

Which creates a WebServer definition in the AppServer.

U need to configure WAS to remote admin WebServer.

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