configuration change when fedarated

1. what are all configuration files got changed when we add a node into cell?

When you federate, dmgr takes control of ur federated node. so, it copys DMGRCell into ur node, and pushes ur node info into dmgrcell.

2. What are server.xml and serverindex.xml?

Server.xml is an xml file :). Which contains the information needed for your JVM, like, ur jvm name, clustername, services, properties, threadpoolsettings, process definitions, components and so on
serverindex.xml :
This is the file whoch holds : host name info, deployed application info, ur app server ports info, etc

3. what is FFDC?

FFDC - First Failure Data Capture.
WebSphere Application Server V6 includes a feature called First Failure Data
Capture (FFDC). The FFDC feature runs in the background and collects events
and errors that occur during WebSphere Application Server runtime. The
information that it collects are written to log files in the
/profiles//logs/ffdc directory.


Kirthi said...

what is activity log ??

భాస్కర్ రామరాజు said...

The application server creates the activity.log file from the activity of the various WebSphere Application Server components. you cannot read this log with a text reader. You ca use this script called, showlog under appserver root.
./WAS_INST_ROOT/bin/showlog PATH_TOACTIVITY_LOG/activity.log
like this
websphe: /software/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin
$ ./showlog ../profiles/AppSrv*/logs/activity.log
This displays ur activity log something like this, just as a sample:
ComponentId: Application Server
ProcessId: 18124
ThreadId: 0000005d
ThreadName: WebContainer : 4
SourceId: com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.srt.SRTServletResponse
Manufacturer: IBM
Product: WebSphere
Version: Platform 6.0 [BASE o0526.07]
ServerName: Node01Cell\Node01\server1
TimeStamp: 2008-12-22 12:27:17.175000000
Severity: 2
Category: WARNING
PrimaryMessage: WARNING: Cannot set status. Response already committed

Kirthi said...

cleared sir..

keka meeru

Kirthi said...

I have a question sir..

When do I have to sync the node? When I perform this operation is the DMGR up and running?