RAR /Resource Adapter Install Cell Level WAS

Helped out my team mate in resolving the issue with Resource Adapter configuration to be able to communicate CICS J2C Connection Factories (Mainframe), Thought would share the notes.

* When you use the Install RAR dialog to install a RAR file, the scope you define on the Resource Adapters page has no effect on where the RAR file is installed. You can install RAR files only at the node level, which you specify on the Install RAR page. To set the scope of an RAR file to a specific cluster, or server, after you install the RAR file at each node level, create a new copy of the RAR file with the appropriate cluster or server scope.

* You cannot install resource adapter at cell level. Resource adapters often contain binary shared libraries and there is no distribution mechanism at the cell level for this. The adapters use native path to locate these executables, which could be different on some nodes or platforms. Because of these problems, J2C resource adapters have to be installed to nodes directly and this is enforced by both wasadmin and admin console. When using resource adapater in a cell environment, you should install to the nodes and then configure them at the cell scope.

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